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Internet Guides and Interesting Reading

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The Strange Case of the World's Biggest Internet Invasion

by David H Freedman and Charles C. Mann

An interesting story about the bumblings of a second rate hacker Phantomd, who was able to break into a variety of alleged secure sites. Save this book for a long plane ride or a Saturday evening by the fire...and wonder who's breaking into your system!

...and David is a Needham resident!

The Internet Guide for New Users
by Daniel P. Dern

Daniel provides a gentle introduction to the complex issues of using the Internet, and in a straightforward, easy to read style. Chapters such as "Electronic Mail, Usenet, Remote Login, and File Transfer: The Four Basic Internet Food Groups" provide information on everything a user needs to know. You don't need to read the whole book right now, but when you need to know what a file is, it's right there. And who else would provide "The Grateful Dead singing 'Sugar Magnolia'" as an example of a file containing information?

My copy of the Internet Guide for New Users is handsigned by Daniel, and it stays by my monitor. Get yours today!

Publishing on the World Wide Web

Looking Good in Print Looking Good in Print : Deluxe Cd-Rom Edition (1st Ed)
by Roger C. Parker and Carrie Beverly

Traditional desktop publishers will recognize this marvelous title as one of the best on the market. Recently updated with sections on publishing for the World Wide Web, this book is a requirement for any serious publisher or anyone that wants to communicate through a publishing medium.

Web Publishing with Microsoft FrontPage Web Publishing With Microsoft FrontPage 97
by Martin S. Matthews

An excellent book on the "ins and outs" of designing and developing with FrontPage, including a section on our very own NeedhamOnline web site. If you want to be more effective at using the most popular web publishing tool, Marty's book should be a monitor-side companion.

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