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April 1997

Richard C. Needham - Garden Grove,CA. USA
I was just checking out the Needham's page.

date: Mon Apr 28 22:57:38 1997

Barbara LeFever - Lansdale, Pennsylvania
It was interesting to learn about Needham, Massachusetts. You did a fabulous job on your website, Maura!

date: Mon Apr 28 12:12:17 1997

Meg Needham - Geneseo NY 14454
I love anything that has my last name in it!

date: Sun Apr 27 13:38:57 1997

Matthew Temple - Needham, MA, USA
I like this. How about a map to the trails in the town forest online.

date: Sun Apr 27 13:03:06 1997

Lee Cobratz - Beaverton, or
Great Idea, more communities should have resident contributed websites.

date: Wed Apr 23 16:02:25 1997

Susan Flink Davis - Needham, MA
I found it helpful, and informative. I'm glad that it is here.

date: Tue Apr 22 22:27:53 1997

Bill Bixby - Richmond, VA
Great to hear about our home town.

date: Mon Apr 21 21:27:58 1997

Susan Sealy - Astoria, OR, USA
I enjoyed looking at your page to see what other Children's Museums are doing. I am a Board member of the Astoria Children's Museum. Our community is only 10,000 residence and 2 hours away from a major city. Do you have any suggestions for exhibits, what works well for you, sponsors for exhibits, etc.?

date: Fri Apr 18 11:51:56 1997


date: Thu Apr 17 10:38:12 1997

Paul Cronk - Lexington, MA, USA
Please add a link to the Charles River Wheelmen (CRW) home page. The CRW, now in its 30th year has over 1,000 members in the Boston Metro area. The CRW is a social cycling club. Our members range in age from 3 to 80. We sponsor up to 6 rides each week from the third week in April to the second week in October. During the winter months we have a ride on Sundays, except when the snow is too deep. For more information please visit our web site.

date: Sun Apr 13 03:13:58 1997

Jon Davis - Needham, MA
You have a great page. I've noticed a lot of Needham High alums have visited. I'd appreciate if you could list our web site for the Needham Education Foundation, Inc. in your letter section so people can find us easier. Keep up the good work. Our address is:

date: Sat Apr 12 18:36:25 1997

Kate H. Ward - Woodstock, VT
Fabulous- I learned so much about Needham we are moving there- I am anxious to learn about daycares (home and licensed) . Any one know anything?

date: Sat Apr 12 06:58:09 1997

Jonina Levitt - New York City
The NeedhamOnline site is excellent. I love Needham especially because my favorite niece and nephew live there - on Tudor road. On my next trip I would love to go to the Children's Museum with them. Anyway, hope to see you soon!!
Love, Nonie

date: Fri Apr 11 11:13:01 1997

Stein Morten Øen - Asker, Akershus, Norway
Great pages ! Lots of interesting information. I hope that somebody can send me more information about John Eliot School. I read a book "The learning revolution" where John Eliot School was mentioned as a very good school that the pupils loved to be in.
I would like to know more about the school like visions, strenghts, teaching methods, how you organize teaching, how you involve the pupils and so on. Does the school have their own e-mail adress ? If not, what is the postal adresss ?
Please contact me at my e-mail adress or by post:
Stein Morten Øen
Asker kommune
Jørgensløkka 66
N-1371 ASKER

date: Fri Apr 11 05:02:36 1997

Murray Glidden - Camarillo, CA, USA
Checking for class of 58

date: Wed Apr 09 22:09:38 1997

Don and Mary Green - Needham, MA.
Great web site,
GREAT town!

date: Sat Apr 05 17:08:18 1997

Jimmy Taylor - Stoneham, Ma

date: Sat Apr 05 00:11:43 1997

Sam DeViney - San Antonio, TX, USA
I would like to make contact with the Boston fire marshall to ask questions about the transport of small volumes of gasoline in passenger vehicles.
Please contact me via Internet mail at or you may call me collect at at 210-522-3383.
Thank you!
Sam DeViney
Southwest Research Institute
San Antonio, TX

date: Fri Apr 04 11:44:12 1997

Diana Ruzicka - Honolulu, HI, USA
Very nice web page. I was researching the internet with key word "census" and the Needham page came up on the list of initial 10 resources?? Interesting that it would come up there. However, it was a good coincidence as one of my relatives "Catherine (Prunty) Glancy" was a member of your community in mid/late 1800s.
I believe it was her daughter who was a prominent teacher in your school systems and has a picture hanging in your library. One day I hope to visit and see this. I have a picture taken of this picture in my family history album. It would have been very exciting to have read about the Glancy family history on your Web page... too.
If you would like information to see if you would like to add it, please let me know. If I ever make my own web page, I will ask to link to yours... Don't know when this will be however.

date: Wed Apr 02 19:14:47 1997

Valerie Herman - Needham
Hello NHS Class of 77. 20th reunion coming up. For info e-mail me at psds34@aol

date: Wed Apr 02 16:06:15 1997

Dianne Needham Bluhm - San Antonio, Texas USA
I think the Needham website is very imformative and interesting. I am a high school science teacher and was very interested in the school links. I am also looking for some ancestors to add to my family tree. My great-grandfather, John Henry Needham, came from Massachusetts and settled in Oklahomas and Krebs Indian Territory which is now New Mexico. I am searching the web for more ancestors.
Dianne N. Bluhm
date: Tue Apr 01 22:15:19 1997

Joseph Fan - Charlotte, NC, USA
Great site.

date: Tue Apr 01 20:51:01 1997

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