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April 1997

Richard E Reed - Oildale, CA, USA
I like your site. The book page metaphor is cute. But I have only visited it for the "Use IE to surf in AOL. I followed all directions, but it doesn't work for me. I have AOL 3 and IE 3.02. IE does not automatically start. The one time it did it only partially loaded a page. Am I missing something here?

(Webmaster: Sorry, I've only tested it with Netscape Navigator, and frankly, I wasn't impressed with how it worked. Seemed *awfully* slow)

date: Sat May 31 10:00:23 1997

john langley - Knoxville, TN 37919
Thanks again for the website

date: Sat May 31 00:34:44 1997

Mike Ballard - Needham, MA USA
This is a pretty cool page. You should have like a residents page or something where you have links to Needham resident's home pages. Someone visit my web page at!
date: Fri May 30 20:41:48 1997 

Paul Yasi - Medway, Confusion, USA
Do you guys need some help with your graphics? I only charge $25/hour for high quality image
processing and 3D work.
Have a good evening.

date: Fri May 30 20:34:35 1997

Valerie Herman - Needham, MA
Hi NHS Class of 77 Your 20th reunion is approaching fast for info, e- mail me at psds34@aol
See you there!!

date: Fri May 30 16:03:54 1997

Pam Lemieux - Pleasant Garden, NC
Great page! As a former Needham resident (1962-1985) I am glad to see Needham has a way for me to stay in touch.

date: Sat May 24 15:16:32 1997

deborah cantor-adams
Just curious!

date: Sat May 24 12:09:39 1997

K. Reid - Canada
I hope that you might direct me in the right direction! I work at a small museum and have recently received a musical organ made by "Needham". Can you supply me with anything about this company??

date: Fri May 16 20:33:32 1997

Drinda Grantly - Groveland Fl USA
I don't know what to put as a comment as I have yet to see the web site to give an evaluation

date: Fri May 16 00:17:35 1997

Betsy Curtis Gamrat - Hudson, NH
Nice to see Needham on the web. NHS 1980.

date: Tue May 13 21:22:26 1997

John Martin - Foster City, CA, USA
Greetings to Chief Nehoiden

date: Tue May 13 11:24:29 1997

James A. Dennis - Sylacauga, Alabama USA
Very interesting site, sounds like a nice place to live, but I kinda like it here in Dixie! :-) An online friend sent me a link to this site, he lives there in Needham! Thanks for sharing!

date: Mon May 12 22:21:47 1997

June Vandermark - Wapwallopen, PA USA

I am a sterling silver jewelry designer and A PORTION of my designs can be seen at: "" & "" I also have a catalog of my wholesale work and would be very interested in sending one to you. Do you buy jewelry for your store? Can I send you a catalog?

June Vandermark
Vandermark Designs

date: Sat May 10 18:44:17 1997

I am a graduate of Needham High School, the class of 1947. You are doing a great job; keep up the good work. I love reading your sports coverage and any other news you can provide about my home town.

date: Sat May 10 17:43:20 1997

Jimmy Foster - Needham, MA, USA
I think you should have sports up dates like Little League, not just soccer.

date: Sat May 10 15:53:21 1997

(Webmaster's Note: We are completely non-denominational...willing to put up pages for any town organization. Anyone interested in putting together some pages for Little League?)

Brian Kelly - Norton, MA
Very good site. I left Needham in '73 after graduating in '72. It's time now for a 25th reunion. If anyone can e-mail me with reunion info I'd appreciate it. Would love to hear from old (pardon that expression) classmates. Anyone out there from the Alternative Program??

date: Fri May 09 06:46:13 1997

Terry Smith - Federal Way, Washington 98003
The information says a lot about the town and its inhabitants. I am looking at being tranfered there in the next couple of weeks and was hoping to find out what the cost of housing would be, rental, good areas and good Schools. I have children in grades 1,5,10,&11. Is there a way that I could get some specific information? Do you have a listing of local Churches?

date: Thu May 08 19:15:26 1997

Mike and Bonnie Camp - Waukesha, WI USA
Former Needhamites (1976-1981)
Been back a couple of times
Friends of Lynn and Keith McClleland
Like the site
Recognize names and places

date: Thu May 01 21:59:27 1997

Joe Barber - Sudbury, MA
I am very interested in what kind of genealogical references you have at this library. I am trying to find out information about my Great Great Grandfather Charles Castex de Doming who settled in Needham about 1892. He built a house of stone on Charles St. and the family lived there for many years. Would any town records or books you have help me find out any further information about this family?
Thank You
Joe Barber

date: Thu May 01 20:31:58 1997

claire bloom - needham
Would love to see more details on various sites on community activities.

date: Thu May 01 09:04:34 1997

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