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May 1998


Gregory Keefe - Longwood, Fl
  • Needham is very special place,
    I'm so proud to have been raised there. I have many fond memories.


    (: ) GREG K.

signed on Wednesday, the 27. of May 1998 at 13:19:25

Gregory Keefe - Longwood , Fl.
  • I don't have any comments at this
    time. I'm just trying to look up old

    see ya all on July 4
    Floridian-Needhamite Greg K

signed on Wednesday, the 27. of May 1998 at 12:58:50

jeanne gerber - Needham, Ma USA
  • Please add the following to your Upcoming calendar listing:

    Third Annual Vegetarian Pot Luck Supper in memory of Laurie Ann Gerber to be held at the Unitarian Church on Wednesday, May 27th at 6:30 PM. After the supper, Geoff D'Arcy, acupunturist , will share what he does along with his knowledge of herbs and mind/body connections. Free. 444 8461 for more information.

signed on Saturday, the 23. of May 1998 at 20:36:27

brian parent - naples,fl
  • it's just great
    hi out there. i'm a former worker of carter clothing, and would like to find a co-worker his name is steve duffy.
    does anyone know him?

signed on Friday, the 22. of May 1998 at 19:20:40

brian parent - naples,fl
  • it's just great

signed on Friday, the 22. of May 1998 at 19:13:48

J. Peter Walker - Menlo Park CA
  • I would information about Harry George walker Walker born in Needham Ma on June 5, 1905. His mother was Florence Patrick and his father was George Walker. I would be interested in any marriage or divorce reords recorded in Needham, MA.
    Thank you, J. Peter walker

signed on Thursday, the 21. of May 1998 at 23:59:49

Holly Stifflemire - Dover, DE USA
  • I liked it very much, however I was a little disappointed about not seeing a real estate agent listed among your business listings. I am looking to relocate to Needham or the surrounding area in July and I only get one shot at coming up there and looking around. It would have been helpful to do some background work before arriving.

signed on Monday, the 18. of May 1998 at 16:50:26

  • P.S. WHEN in Spring is the festival? Spring covers a good three months of the year

signed on Sunday, the 17. of May 1998 at 12:04:17

dk - Setauket, NY, Suffolk
  • I may be a bit slow but it would be nice if it were more obvious where Needham was. I'm guessing Massachusetts because I lived there once but a great many people wouldn't have a clue. One of the big mistakes people with web pages makes is assuming that they are talking only to people in their area.

signed on Sunday, the 17. of May 1998 at 12:02:31

Lloyd and Laurie Needham
  • Hello we were just checking out this sight because our last name is Needham.

signed on Wednesday, the 13. of May 1998 at 21:34:45

Donna Toly - Rock Springs , Wy. , Sweetwater
Homepage :
  • I am very interested in seeing your lunch menues for your lunch program.

signed on Wednesday, the 13. of May 1998 at 17:58:32

Marjie Lane - Framingham, MA
  • I have lived Needham all my life and am very fond of it here. There is something worrying me though, recently i have seen new homes being built, progress is a wonderful thing, BUT, the developers don't seem to be taking the time to look around the area and note the aesthetics of neighborhoods when they develop a house or houses. I have seen that there are houses being built that do not FIT in with the rest.
  • I know that the worst house to buy is the biggest one in the niehghborhood, the only plus is that it increases the property value for the rest. and unfortunately the poor soles who move into these newly built estate-like homes are in for a problematic future. But, oh well. there's more to life than a higher tax bracket,
    -Marjie of Framingham

signed on Wednesday, the 13. of May 1998 at 13:15:31

Janet Krawiecki - Needham, Mass.
  • My husband and I have lived in Needham all our lives

signed on Tuesday, the 12. of May 1998 at 19:26:00

Andy Entwistle - Fort Hood, TX
  • For those who might remember me -
    I have been transferred to Fort Hood, TX.
    Hope to be stable there a couple of years
    and get my daughter through high school.
    Hope old friends will say 'Hi'.
    Andy Entwistle, NHS '80, NU '85

signed on Saturday, the 09. of May 1998 at 06:09:04

Jeff McGraw - Cary, N.C.
  • Great being able to visit my home town, of which I have many fond memories.

signed on Friday, the 08. of May 1998 at 13:06:03

Tom Linnane - Corona, CA
  • Just checking in to update my E-mail address. I recognize a few people who have signed the guest book. If you remember me and want to get in touch, just E-mail me.

    NHS class of '81

signed on Friday, the 08. of May 1998 at 02:46:25

Linda Fitzgerald - Needham, MA
  • Please Help! I have been a Needham Resident for 25 years and love this town. A year ago a development consisting of three houses was built behind our property. I have nothing against progress, though I am disappointed at the way they are squeezing houses togethier. My problem is that the developer has done a half a--job on his little project. My beautiful back yard now becomes a lake when it rains. We have repeatly gone to the developer and town engineer that will do nothing to solve this situation. With a son in his 2nd year of college and another child entering next year money is a real factor at this time. I cannot afford to hire a lawyer to get this situation solved. Do you know who I can contact next to hopefully get this problem sloved.

    Thank You

signed on Wednesday, the 06. of May 1998 at 21:32:46

Don Needham - England
  • Hello there !
    I was browsing the Web trying to find some family information and came across your town. I'm amazed to find so much information on a place bearing my family name. So from one of the English Needham family 'best wishes !'
    Don Needham.

signed on Tuesday, the 05. of May 1998 at 18:25:19

Lori Hylan - San Francisco, CA
Homepage :
  • It's encouraging to find that Needham is online. Information about Needham High class reunions would be great, since I won't get official word (I would have graduated from NHS in 1986 if my family hadn't moved after my sophmore year).


signed on Monday, the 04. of May 1998 at 21:40:10


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