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September 1997

Mary D. Irons - East Providence, RI USA
  • Nice job. As a GFWC Membership Committee member, I'm thrilled to see this marvelous new tool to help our clubs grow.

    I just returned from the GFWC New England Region Conference at Seacrest on the Cape. It was sponsored by GFWC of MA clubwomen, who did an outstanding job!

    Keep up the good work. I'd love to know if you received any membership queries as a result of your web page. (I am going to be the GFWC Membership Chairman in the 1998-2000 Administration.)

    Got to run; got my first club meeting of the year tonight, the GFWC Wampanoag Women's Club; we're having a Spaghetti Supper, so I don't want to be late.

    Have a great club year.

signed on Monday, the 29. of September 1997 at 17:15:27

Grethe Stokkan - Trondheim-Norway
  • I did like it, a lot. It was really fun for me to look at your website. I came back from Needham for about six months ago, after a one year stay.
    I really love this town, and I miss everything, the people, the YMCA, the nice and varm summer, etc. I'm planing to come back for a visit very soon.
    Best regards from Trondheim-Norway

signed on Tuesday, the 23. of September 1997 at 05:49:33

gvedie - needham ma usa
  • very interesting

signed on Monday, the 22. of September 1997 at 09:51:05

ethan fener - needham ma
  • I was looking for the high school teams
    schedules: soccer, volleyball and swimming
    in particular.

signed on Saturday, the 20. of September 1997 at 00:04:15

Richard P. Harmon - Brevard, North Carolina
  • Pleased to see that Needham is keeping up with the times. Lived there for thirty years until moving down here to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Still miss our many friends in Needham and so far have managed to return at least twice each year to visit. Needham is a great town!

signed on Wednesday, the 17. of September 1997 at 09:52:47

g vedie - needham
  • i like this site and have it as one of my favorites

signed on Tuesday, the 16. of September 1997 at 20:55:55

Valerie Herman - Needham
  • I don't know if I mentioned it in the last memo, the Class of 77 reunion is inviting the class of 76. Could you please add this to the upcoming events.

signed on Friday, the 12. of September 1997 at 23:00:48

ben hodgkins - harwich ma
  • looking for a fomer guideance counselor

signed on Thursday, the 11. of September 1997 at 18:40:51

Ned Mahoney - Needham
Homepage :
  • Very good! Interested in linking my home page to this site as a service to my customers. I believe a real estate section would also enhanse the site.

signed on Wednesday, the 10. of September 1997 at 10:21:53

Valerie Herman - Needham Ma
  • Hey Class of 77! Don't forget your 20th reunion!!For more info, e-mail us at NHS1977

signed on Tuesday, the 09. of September 1997 at 21:03:18

Pamela (Simpson) Lemieux - Pleasant Garden, NC
  • Love the site. A great way to keep in
    touch with my old home town.
    Anyone from NHS class of '80 out there?

signed on Monday, the 08. of September 1997 at 11:57:32

J Hufnagel - Lockport
  • I thought this was the national web
    site. Please identify as Needham.
    Thank you.

signed on Thursday, the 04. of September 1997 at 20:48:17

Pat Baker - Needham,Ma.
Homepage :
  • It was fun and informative!

signed on Thursday, the 04. of September 1997 at 15:07:50

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signed on Thursday, the 04. of September 1997 at 00:16:37


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