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Town of Needham Solid Waste and Recycling Disposal Update Recycling

Pay-Per-Throw bag charges for waste disposal at the Town RTS (Recycling and Transfer Station) are scheduled to go into effect on June 1, 1998. This information (reprinted from a flyer supplied by the town) is part of the the Town's effort to inform RTS users about the program and how it will work.

What is Pay-Per-Throw?

Pay-Per-Throw is a per-bag user fee system of paying for disposal of non-recyclable trash at the RTS. The Town has adopted this system to finance increased waste disposal charges which it is obligated to pay, now that the Town landfill is closed. Among the advantages of this system are that disposal costs will be spread among users in proportion to use, and that by encouraging recycling (sorted recyclables will not be subject to bag charges) it will help limit the total cost of operating the RTS.

How does the program work?

  1. Consumers will buy specially marked bags which will be required for disposal of non-recyclable trash after June1. The bags will be sold through cooperating retailers, including supermarkets and hardware stores. Large bags (thirty gallons) are expected to be sold for seventy-five cents and small bags (fifteen gallons) for forty cents. Retailers will make no profit on the sale of these bags.
  2. Consumers will continue to dispose of trash at the RTS as at present, except that the Pay-Per-Throw bags will be required for all trash after June 1, 1998, other than for sorted recyclables.
  3. Because bag charges will not apply to sorted recyclables, customers are urged to familiarize themselves with Needham's Recycling Program. Yard waste, paper, metal, glass, and several forms of plastic (#s 1, 2, and 3) are all recyclable. Please note that certain recyclables (glass, metal, and recyclable plastic containers) may be "commingled", i.e., sorted and disposed of together.
  4. Exceptions: Pay-Per-Throw bags are not required for small bulky items. These items (for example, a broom handle or broken chair) can be placed in the RTS bin without charge. There will be a fee charged for large bulky items (such as a couch or stove).

Are Disposal Area Stickers Still Required?

Yes. All holders of this years's stickers, however, will receive a post card which can be exchanged for ten free bags and two recycling bins. (The recycling bins are not mandatory, but may serve to help you sort your recyclables in your home.) These post cards will be mailed in May - please be sure to save them! In future years, once the Pay-Per-Throw program is operating, the sticker fee is expected to be reduced.

Further information about the Pay-Per-Throw program will be mailed this spring. If you have questions before then, please call the Department of Public Works at (781) 455-7534.


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