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August 1997

Venus Luong - Orlando, FL USA
This is a cool site!

date: Sat Aug 30 21:45:31 1997

Eric B. Geller - Jacksonville Beach, FL
Greetings from Jacksonville Beach, FL. Needham native (class '75) wishing you well!

date: Fri Aug 29 22:21:31 1997

james s. needham - southington, ct
Good job.

date: Thu Aug 28 21:52:51 1997

Dick Crisafulli - Algood, TN
I just found the Needham website. It is nice to have a connection with my hometown (Class of '56). Surfing the past guestbooks I recognized several names, but not many. I'm sure Needham is still the great place to live, but one really can't appreciate how nice a place Needham REALLY WAS to live unless she can contrast it with the '50's and before. Truly, the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. I could never go back.

date: Tue Aug 26 14:09:40 1997

Sandra L. Prinn - Needham, MA
Think it's great but how do I contact someone on the programming committee?

date: Mon Aug 25 18:07:24 1997

Ron & Emily Needham - Riverside,CA
We really like your website-lots of interesting information about Needham. For obvious reasons, we are interested in the early history of Needham. I have always been told that some of my ancestors settled in the area in the late 1600's and founded the town which was named for them. This appears to be not the case from your webpage. Where could we learn more about this aspect of Needham?

date: Mon Aug 25 00:50:39 1997

Mary Ficcardi - Medfield,MA USA
Iwas born and raised (and still work) in Needham. It's great to see so many people from across the country checking in on their "hometown". It really was a great place to grow up. I am a graduate or NHS ('83) and would love to hear from anyone who may remember me or my family.

date: Thu Aug 21 18:17:16 1997

Jonathan Capper - United Kingdom
Useful and informative.More villages/towns should follow suit.

date: Thu Aug 21 11:58:42 1997

Betsy Miller - Columbia, SC
I'm interested in the Baker Estate. Would like to visit your museum if possible next week.

date: Wed Aug 20 22:46:54 1997

Ron and Emily Needham - Riverside, CA USA
We visited Needham for the first time this summer and searched in vain for a home our family insists is there called "The Needham house". Do you have any idea of where it might be or if it ever existed? The story goes that it was inhabited by a descendant of Paul Revere who had that same name. Thanks for any help!

date: Wed Aug 20 19:51:13 1997

christine lowell - needham ma
I like having a online site for my town. It is also very helpful for people, like my fiancee, who are new to the area and want to get to know Needham from a natives point of view.

date: Mon Aug 18 10:17:36 1997

Bill Pike - Columbus, OH
A very innovative site. As a former resident of Needham (1969-1976) I will certainly check in from time to time.

date: Mon Aug 18 10:00:22 1997 - Hannover / Germany
Die EHE kommt nach der Liebe wie der Rauch nach der Flamme.

date: Sun Aug 17 20:04:00 1997

Peter & Janet Bates - Needham, MA,USA
Thanks to all of our wonderful neighbors, we have found our missing cat, Max. We especially appreciate having this web-site to aid us in bringing her home.

date: Sat Aug 16 09:31:46 1997

peter & janet bates - 966 greendale ave., needham, ma 444-5248
i'm very glad that we have a website. i'm hoping its not out of place to mention that our cat max is missing. her name is max, is a salmon tabby weighing 16 lbs. please let us know if you see her. thank you and i apologize for misusing this space.

date: Fri Aug 15 17:20:05 1997

Marshall - Needham, MA!!
Congratulations on a job well done!! This web site is doing an excellent job representing our community, bring interesting and informative content about our town. Keep up the good work! To the reader: Please check out my site at the above address and let me know what you think. Thanks!

date: Fri Aug 15 01:02:36 1997

Diana L. Leitner - Hollywood, FL USA
I am doing a compartive study for a community development class. I really enjoyed the information provided. No recomendations for improvement at this time. Thank you!!!

date: Fri Aug 15 00:14:50 1997

Mike Connors - Needham
Looks great, but for some reason I could not access the holdings on line. Probably my crummy old computer.

date: Thu Aug 14 11:41:02 1997

Alison Huff Girard - Wenatchee, Washington
Hi! Great to see hometown Needham on the web - the map loads very, very slowly but is pretty cool! Thanks!

date: Wed Aug 13 19:58:02 1997

Lauren Welch - Needham Mass,
HomePage: I love needham
I think that this is a good idea.

date: Mon Aug 11 18:58:55 1997

Tom Linnane - Corona, CA USa
I graduated from NHS in '81 took off to the USMC and ended up in CA. I'd like info on any class reunions that may be coming up, and if you remember me and would like to say hi, then just E-mail me. It was cool to show my wife the map of the town I grew up in. Thanks TL

date: Sun Aug 10 04:04:50 1997

Murray Glidden - Camarillo, CA, USA
Just checking in to see if I know anyone from the class of "58"

date: Fri Aug 08 21:15:40 1997

Chris Needham - Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Right on !

date: Fri Aug 08 01:31:32 1997

patti strom - waltham ma. 02154
Just looking for now. Hi Amydoodlesfrom Patti

date: Thu Aug 07 23:45:14 1997

ken kehm - st. louis, mo
Creating our webpage. having trouble with our response form. cannot get submit to work. any suggestions?

date: Fri Aug 01 23:05:03 1997

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