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December 1999

Joe - Needham, Ma, USA
  • Needham is just a great town, i mean look at their high school sports, it just tells all. Go Rockets!

signed on Tuesday, the 28. of December 1999 at 12:21:08

Ted Jursek
  • Upcoming Events viewed on December 17,1999 showed a used toys collection for April 10,1999. Would it be possible to have a more up-to-date listing? At least an "upcoming" event.

signed on Friday, the 17. of December 1999 at 10:40:34

Anne W. Codman - Medway,Mass
  • I have a question. There was a sign out side of the recycling center for a Messiah sing on Sunday, Dec. 19th,I think. I can't remember what time it is or where it is being held. Does anyone
    there happen to know? I would really appreciate any information that you might have. Thanks,
    Anne Codman

signed on Tuesday, the 14. of December 1999 at 17:08:11

Amie Murstein - Needham, MA
  • This web site great!!!!!!!!!

signed on Tuesday, the 14. of December 1999 at 01:37:16

Monica Calzolari - Independence, MO
Homepage : http://none
  • I am moving to Western MA on 1/1/00 and needing housing, an elementary school and am interviewing for jobs that do not require a long commute. I plan to call Maureen Chamoun as intstructed because I need information FAST. Send whatever you can to get me oriented quickly. Needham is one possibility. I visited 11/30 and it seemed charming. Monica Calzolari 913-323-4773 work

signed on Monday, the 13. of December 1999 at 08:07:39

greg k. - next to Disney World
  • looking for larry s.
    25 years, wow times flys
    N.H.S. 74'

signed on Friday, the 10. of December 1999 at 23:34:42

George Bailey - Pottersville, USA
  • Does anyone know if my brother, Harry Bailey, lives there? He saved every man's life on a transport in the war and won the congressional medal of honor. Then he left Bedford Falls after old man Potter bought out Bailey S & L and the town changed it's name to Pottersville. He said he was moving to Needham because he loved the local Needham movie theatre and he thought it would be a good investment. He was always lucky so i'm sure the theatre is a big success and he's living the high life in the big city. Well, if ya see the big shot around the town tell him to call his ol' brother George Bailey when he gets a second, for pete's sake. I got some bad news for him, aww, just tell him ol' Sam Wainwright and Mary are up to their old tricks again. Another red-letter day for the Baileys!!

signed on Thursday, the 02. of December 1999 at 15:50:07

Sinclair Needham - Bombay, India
  • Happy Holidays, Needham! Does anyone know when they're lighting up "Old Blue" in the town commons?!? What a magnificent tree! It certainly captures the festive spirit of Needham. Also, are there any big millenium plans in store? If I know Needham, I imagine there will be a festival of some sort with lot's of lights and laughter. I hope to return to Needham before then. Save me a seat at the five-and-dime and a cup of cocoa!

signed on Thursday, the 02. of December 1999 at 12:07:13

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