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February 1997


Great site

date: Thu Feb 27 23:47:26 1997

Liz Boston - Needham MA 02192
I love it! Lets see more!

date: Thu Feb 27 23:20:41 1997

Michael Rosenberger - Essen, Germany
Very Very Nice Site...

date: Tue Feb 25 03:53:23 1997

Barbara Davis - West Milford, NJ USA
Question: How did your town get its name?

date: Sun Feb 23 21:43:25 1997

Rachel Burns - Olean, NY
I'm really glad I found your homepage! I grew up in Needham and moved about 5 years ago. Class of '89 NHS. St. Joe's class of '85.

date: Sat Feb 22 22:15:00 1997

Mike Simmons - rochester, NY, usa
what is this about???

date: Sat Feb 22 18:45:24 1997

Deb (Cabot) Lucatorto - Wayne, NJ
Outstanding!! Any NHS class of '73 out there? Must be a 25th reunion coming up... Very impressive Website!

date: Sat Feb 22 11:56:21 1997

Tom Hasbrouck - Buckhannon, West Virginia
Pretty neat to go back to the 1950's to see if any of the old gang is still living in Needham. Great to be able to relive your youth through the Internet.

date: Fri Feb 21 22:09:05 1997

SpAcenut - Hollywood, Florida USA
Justa' browsin'!

date: Thu Feb 20 14:21:09 1997

Digico - The Digital Continuum - Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. USA
Great site. Looks like a lot of work! Regards! Digico.

date: Thu Feb 20 14:19:53 1997

Marc Bennett - Dallas, TX
Very nice website. I graduated from NHS in 1981 and moved to Texas that year. I remember Needham for its good schools and for being sports-crazy (especially soccer).

date: Thu Feb 20 14:07:18 1997

Tom Patterson - Yorktown, NY
Great Web Site! As a former resident and Needham High grad (class of '71) is was fun to "visit".
I even found an old friend, Einar Hansen, in your guest book. Any other class of '71 grads out there?

date: Thu Feb 20 13:32:32 1997

Ricky Payne - Charleston, SC, USA
I am a cadet at The Citadel but I am from Needham and I think this page is pretty cool. I was able to show people about Needham. It's Great.

date: Wed Feb 19 22:17:59 1997

susan howell - needham, ma
Very informative. I'm just learning how to use the WEB and decided to start in Needham.

date: Wed Feb 19 21:30:36 1997

Ellen Moskowitz - Needham MA
Thank you for taking care of and updating the site. It's great of you!

date: Mon Feb 17 22:45:59 1997

Teresa Needham-Rimel - Bend,OR USA
I think you should have more on the founders of Needham;where they came from, who they were.etc. But you have a good start!

date: Mon Feb 17 19:27:43 1997

Robert R Evans - Needham, MA
Just got here... so far, so good!

date: Mon Feb 17 11:53:03 1997

Brian Egler - Needham, MA, USA
Just moved to Needham

date: Mon Feb 17 01:15:21 1997

Mike Tribble - Birmingham, Alabama
Great looking page, award WELL deserved.

date: Sun Feb 16 23:42:18 1997

Bruce T. Eisenhut - Needham, MA 02192
Do not forget to vote in Town Elections, April 14th

date: Sun Feb 16 21:36:52 1997

William E. Baker - New York, NY 10021
Great website!
We're relocating to the Boston area and are looking into moving to Needham... the site was most helpful.

date: Sun Feb 16 15:25:41 1997

Brian Kickham - Needham MA
Pretty neat! How do you go about adding such things as sports schedules for the llocal teams... Practices, Games when, where, etc? Is that something you would consider?

(Webmaster's Note: It's something we're looking into...stay tuned!)

date: Sat Feb 15 20:13:35 1997

resident - Needham, MA
It's great that Needham now has its own web page. I especially liked the Needham Businesses Page and the School Lunch Menu.

date: Sat Feb 15 18:40:27 1997


date: Fri Feb 14 23:49:44 1997

Catherine Hollandthe - Needham, Mass
I love Needham online website! i found out a lot of great things to suggest for me and my family to do in a four seasons of the year!

date: Mon Feb 10 11:04:41 1997

Arthur E. Needham - Prairie Village, Kansas, USA
I was looking for information about the Needham's who settled in Needham, Mass. I don't see any related information on your home page, but would appreciate knowing who the Needham's were who founded your city. (The e-mail address above is for my son-in-law. You can send the information there, if it's available.)
Thank you.
Art Needham

date: Sun Feb 09 19:44:58 1997

Jean Pacheco Ravinski - Plymouth, MA USA

If I can't be in Needham itself, well, at least now I can be in CYBER-Needham! (G) i.e.(GRIN!)

I graduated NHS Class of '62, the best class EVER to come off The Hill! I miss Needham but living here in Plymouth by the sea is not too bad either. I will never forget the beautiful N.C.Weyeth paintings in the Needham Public Library, they inspired me to become an artist!

Hope all is well on Hillside Avenue my old stomping grounds, hope they haven't tarred over The Cricket Field!

Your Needham Online website is GREAT! Love The Wizard Of Oz sound bite!

Keep up the excellent work! Needham will ALWAYS be Number One in my book!

Needham rules!!

--Jean Pacheco

date: Sun Feb 09 14:32:46 1997

Richard J. Belles - Needham, MA


date: Fri Feb 07 21:45:24 1997

Willis Stoddard - Orange, CA, USA

Great to find my home town on the net! Any information on Needham High School reunions would be helpfull (Class of 60)

date: Fri Feb 07 14:57:27 1997

Lewis J. Mann - Gainesville, FL

Found your site via As a Frontpage user I find your creation fascinating.

FYI - graduate of Natick H.S. '65

date: Thu Feb 06 19:31:06 1997

Jeremy Raelin - Needham


date: Thu Feb 06 16:32:56 1997

Marc Foley - Needham
Hello. I really am at a loss for words. Bye.

date: Tue Feb 04 16:21:17 1997

Jack Pararas and Doug Tanner - Needham, Massachusettes, U.S.A.

date: Tue Feb 04 09:10:29 1997

Michael Bailit - Needham
I looked at the page to see the Needham Community Theatre site, which happens to look great. I'll look around the other sites later. This is great.

date: Mon Feb 03 18:23:52 1997

murphy - needham

Very informative.

date: Sun Feb 02 19:40:06 1997


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