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January 1997



Merz Joachim Beat - Basel, Switzerland
I'm very fascinated about this website. I've been once in your beautiful city, because my girlfriend lived there. Unfortunately I don't have contact with her. If somebody, reading this messages, knows a girl named Sandra Lopez, please contact me. Thank you.
Greetings to the States. J.M.

date: Fri Jan 31 05:15:57 1997

Marc Schoder - Albuquerque, New Mexcio U.S.A.
It was great!

date: Wed Jan 29 14:27:40 1997

Marc D. Halfrey - Creative Development Group - Needham Heights, MA USA
I am a long-time resident of Needham, graduate of Needham High School, and have just started my own computer training and development company based in Needham Heights...I will be checking your homepage often.

date: Mon Jan 27 10:43:09 1997

Dan Needham - weidman, mich. isabella co
just wanted to say hi

date: Sat Jan 25 18:40:19 1997

Bonnie J. Engelhardt, LICSW - Needham, MA 02192
I have been very impressed with the layout and I can see the progress planned. I hope that we can help promote the services of the town and help others feel proud to be involved in Needham.
As Vice-President of the Needham Mental Health/Mental Retardation Coalition I would like to make Needham a place where mental illness and difference is not seen as a stigma and taboo but an opportunity for neighbors to help and understand each other in greated depth.
Our organization was formed to promote communication among providers and the citizens of Needham and I think that your website is an A+ help for that goal. Thanks for all of your startup effort.
date: Fri Jan 24 07:06:44 1997 

A Conner - west plains, MO
Nice site!

date: Thu Jan 23 20:46:13 1997

Karsten Madsen - Saeby, Denmark
Well done, Needham!!!

date: Wed Jan 22 15:11:08 1997

Dawit Solomon - Portland, Orego
I am an Engineer working on the construction of a new Latex Paint Recycling facility. I am interested in finding out what your recycling process is like. If it is possible, I would like to visit and tour your site. Please advise if this is possible. My phone number is (503) 797-1693.
Or e-mail me a response.
Thank you in advance.

date: Tue Jan 21 22:36:24 1997

LOOKS great guys:)

date: Tue Jan 21 17:49:27 1997

David Gotthelf - Needham, MA, USA
Looks good! Don't forget to mention that there is some very good road biking in Needham as well. Plus Joy Luck is a great Chinese restaurant. The Thai restaurant is good too.

date: Mon Jan 20 00:44:52 1997

Ron Needham - San Bernardino, CA. USA
I don't know what I think yet.

date: Sun Jan 19 02:54:47 1997

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Reiss - Boynton Beach, Fl.
I like the picture, but didn't understand the (g) after the threads.

date: Sat Jan 18 14:44:11 1997

Adrian J. Bulley - Chesham, Bucks, UK
Excellent. Gave me an insight into the town.
I'm very interested in moving to Needham.

date: Sat Jan 18 07:48:56 1997

Dana Fry
Gee I love needham, especially the dump. I have been there in person, too.

date: Fri Jan 17 23:07:38 1997

Pam Hallagan - Needham. MA USA
New to Needham. This is very helpful, thanks!

date: Thu Jan 16 15:47:13 1997

Antonio Fallavena - Pieve di Cento, Bologna - Italy
Hi, I'm Antonio, from Italy. I'm new in WEB and my site is under construction. I live in the north of Italy in a little town near Bologna, the oldest university of world. A big kiss to all the girls of Needham, the city seeem really fine!
Ciao, Antonio

date: Sat Jan 11 05:34:18 1997

Tom Giarrosso - Needham, MA
Your site is looking great! Just a note... the box on your homepage that starts Interested in helping out with NeedhamOnline? is in the same color as your background, and very hard to read.... you might want to tweak it a bit..
Take care and have a great '97!
Tom Giarrosso
The Needham Channel 13

date: Fri Jan 10 16:49:18 1997

pat needham - gilbert, arizona, usa
Just checking up on the town with the same name as ours. We visited Needham, Mass this summer and bought all the signed goodies in the sporting goods shop as family gifts.
What a pleasant community!

date: Wed Jan 08 18:44:11 1997

Caren Zeitler - Needham, MA, US
I found your website tonight as I searched for scholarship opportunities for my daughter, a 1997 soon-to-be-graduate. I was intrigued by the Power Card mentioned on the site. I would like some more information on the Card. In addition, I wondered if the scholarships provided by the Womens' Club is one which may be applied for. If so, we would be appreciative of any information you could send to me.
Thank you for your help in both areas!
Caren Zeitler

date: Tue Jan 07 20:37:15 1997

Julie Sade - L.A. California
Hi, I'm a 1983 graduate from NHS, and grew up in Needham. An old friend of mine linked me to this sight. Very well planned!
I don't miss the winters or the cliques in High School, but I do miss the old "old time feel" of Needham gone bye.

date: Tue Jan 07 14:34:23 1997

Vasilis Haskas - Limassol,Cyprus
Great site.

date: Mon Jan 06 18:26:02 1997



date: Sun 05 Jan 1997 at 13:15


Thanks for providing a great service like Needham Online.

date: Sun 05 Jan 1997 at 10:53 

Philip Shum

I was in MA three months ago when I travelled to the States. In fact I was looking for sight-seeing places there but I just couldn't find too many, except like Harvard, MIT and USS Constitution in Boston. If I had known this place ealier, I would be happy to see around. . .

date: Fri 03 Jan 1997 at 23:48


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