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Glossary of Terms

Chiropractic: the name of the profession, discovered by Daniel David Palmer (D.D. Palmer) September 18, 1895. The word was coined by Reverend Samuel Weed and it means "done by hand"

Subluxation: refers to the condition that exists within the spinal nerve system of the body in which there is a misalignment of a vertebrae(backbone) while pressure is exerted on nerve tissue creating interference to the transmission of mental impulses from brain cell to body cell. We say this interferes with your expression of life and reduces your human potential for health, and vitality.

Chiropractic Adjustment: refers to the "Art" of Chiropractic. An adjustment is an application of force applied on the body over a spinal vertebrae, using part of the vertebrae as a lever to alter the position of the bone.





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