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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is this site up and running and telling the Needham story?

This is not a simple answer.

It is up and running because Needham needs representation on the Internet. An increasing number of businesses, organizations, communities and other entities are using the Internet to provide information, content, resources, etc., to those who have Internet access (estimated to be 50 million people worldwide today).

Who is this "we"?Picture of Lee & Amy Levitt

"We" are Amy and Lee Levitt, two people who decided to put down roots in Needham about 12 years ago.

 How'd we get started in this Internet thing?

Lee got hooked by the Internet a number of years ago and has been involved in several Internet startups. Prior to launching his own startup that provided technology services for mobile workers, he ran marketing for News Internet Services, the Internet services division of News Corporation. Prior to joining News Internet Services, Lee worked for, based in Lexington, the company that provided the mailing list software used for the announcement mailing list. Prior to joining, he worked for Process Software, publisher of the Purveyor Web Server - the first Windows NT webserver to the market.

Town Information Posted Free!

Town resources, non-profits and charitable organizations will be hosted at no charge. If you have an announcement about an upcoming town-related event, or want to have information posted about your organization or club, please let us know.

Sponsorship Needed

Since we provide services to town organizations, such as the library, park&rec, the dump, the YMCA, Newcomers' Club, etc, we need financial support from commercial organizations in the town. Server space and connectivity is not free, and we pay out of our pocket to keep the site running.

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