Needham Town Dump

Needham Recycling Program Guide

What is accepted? What is not accepted? What preparation is needed?
Newspapers, glossy inserts; magazines, catalogs; junk mail; phone books

corrugated (no wax coating); paperboard (cereal boxes, detergent boxes, etc.).

Soiled paper (used paper plates, etc.); paper affixed to plastic (envelopes with plastic windows).

Soiled cardboard (pizza boxes, etc.)

Paper should be placed in paper bags. All types of paper can be combined.

Cardboard should be flattened.

Glass Containers
All colors, all types.
Window and mirror glass; dishes and ceramics; drinking glasses; light bulbs; broken glass. Rinse only. Leave labels, lids, cap collars, etc. on the containers.
Metal Containers
Aluminum cans and foil; tin cans and lids; steel cans and lids; bi-metal cans
Cans that contained hazardous materials; aerosol cans; cookware. Rinse only. Leave labels, lids, caps, etc. on the containers.
Plastic Containers
Plastic items identified by the recycling label nos. 1, 2, or 3.
Plastic items identified by the recycling label nos. 4, 5, 6 or 7; all plastic that contained hazardous materials; plastic bags. Rinse only. Leave labels, lids, caps, etc. on the containers
Aseptic Containers
Milk (no caps) and joice cartons; all type of drink boxes.
None at this time Remove caps, plastic straws and rinse. Leave labels on.
Textiles, Motor Oil, Tires, Paint, Scrap Metal & White Goods, Leaf & Yard Waste and Christmas Trees

All of these items are accepted; however a nominal fee is charged for tires and appliances. Rims must be removed from tires and doors from appliances. Christmas trees must be stripped of decorations including garland and tinsel.

For additional information please call the RTS at (781) 455-7568.


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